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“I think extravagance in your life takes energy from the possible extravagances of your mind.”
Kay Ryan, the 16th U.S. Poet Laureate

As an artist I don't go many places. My life revolves around my work and my internal musings.
If it wasn't for the gym I think I could go days, maybe even weeks, without the company of others.
Since moving to Pleasanton I joined a local gym. Almost on a daily basis I have felt joy there.
I think during a time when the internet allows us to live such separate lives having a physical outlet,
one supported by like-minded people, is essential.

While I look for beauty and mystery in nature, when I take portraits, I look for the same
mysterious connections– the emotions often hidden beneath the surface, something I sense in a
person, or the sheer expressions of joy. I invite you to look at my portraits. These are some of
the wonderful people I've met at ClubSport.

*Sample of photographs shown at Alexander’s Fine Art in Pleasanton, CA (925) 980 9547